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Reading Pen

Reading Pen for Children

We can help with converting printed text to audio from engaging voice talents to printing your books.

If you are looking to include audio to your text, JLB has successfully converted printed text to audio on various projects. Whether you already have the audio clips to be made into Penpal Whizz compatible files, or to begin the whole project from engaging voice talents to printing your books, we can help you with it!

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Reading Pen for Children

JLB Educational Technology is the manufacturer of the reading pen known as Penpal Whizz in Singapore. Penpal Whizz is the perfect blend of digital technology and the traditional learning method.

This piece of technology transforms conventional printed materials into interactive tools that can emit responsive voices or sounds of any languages, thus adding another dimension to the reading experience by creating more interactions between the user and products. This is an integrated product that reads, records, and plays music. These functions allow the Penpal Whizz to be used in existing school curriculums, enhancing teaching and learning experiences of both teachers and students alike.

As part of enhancing the readability and enjoyment of the reading materials, Penpal Whizz is a unique educational tool as it goes beyond reciting printed text – Penpal Whizz is also able to reveal dialogue found in storybook characters, as well as give clues to play games within the book pages and more. These hidden audio tracks will only be revealed when reading is done with Penpal Whizz. When the user taps Penpal Whizz on its compatible books, the sensor picks up on the embedded code and activates the pre-loaded audio files to start reading aloud. To transfer files between the Penpal Whizz and the computer, users simply have to use the provided mini-USB cable to complete the task, much like the function of a thumb drive.

With our technology in the preschool setting, it increases the efficiency of the teacher in delivering his/her lessons, which in turn allows him/her to accomplish more tasks during the same period of time. Instead of having to come up with additional questions and answers for their storytelling sessions, teachers can make use of the built-in game function of the storybooks. This reduces the time that teachers take for preparing their lessons, while still being able to assess if children have been paying attention and/or comprehend the stories.

With all our products being used in more than 300 preschools in Singapore, we have become one of the leading brands in producing the reading pen and content for the early childhood industry.

Find out more about using Penpal Whizz in your preschool! Email us at enquiry@jlb.com.sg.

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