Other Services

Other Services

Others Services

We also offer other preschools solutions such as teacher’s trainings and spatial disinfection and periodic cleaning services.

Visit our sister companies EduSparks Academy and Innocare for preschools solutions on teacher’s trainings and spatial disinfection & periodic cleaning services.

Other Services

Over the years, we have branched out to offer a holistic solution for preschool operators:

For Teacher’s Training enquiries, including Letterland and CPD courses, contact us at info@edusparks.com.sg, or visit our website at www.edusparks.com.sg.

To offer Preschool Enrichment Programmes at your centre, email us at enrichment@edusparks.com.sg. EduSparks carries a whole suite of enrichment programmes such as Creative & Performing Arts, Wushu, Public Speaking and Sports!

To engage a periodic cleaning and disinfection service for your centre, email us at info@innocare.com.sg.

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