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The Tale of Rusty Horse

The Tale of Rusty Horse


About the author:
Emily Lim’s award-winning  stories celebrate the themes of love, friendship, charity and second chances. Her stories were inspired by her journey of coping with a rare voice disorder.

Emily is the 1 awards competition. With her Gold Medal at the 2009 Moonbeam Award, she became the 1 the Moonbeam Award. She is Mediacorp’s Singapore Woman Award 2013 Honoree for her contribution to children’s literature.   

Her books have been featured in all leading newspapers and magazines including Sunday Times, Straits Times and Channelnews Asia.  

The Tale of Rusty Horse
By Emily Lim, Illustrated by Neal Sharp
Moonbeam Gold Medal Winner 2009
Reader’s Favourite review– 5 stars

An old forgotten rocking horse longs to be a favourite with everyone. An old fairy grants him his wish, turning him into a real horse and a crowd favourite. The magic doesn’t last and Rusty turns back into a rocking horse, ending up as a playmate to a lonely handicapped child. When the fairy returns with a spell to make him popular forever, Rusty has to choose between that and the friendship of one child. In that moment, Rusty learns that real magic lies within his power to choose what truly matters to him.

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