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The Adventures Of QiQi & Keke - 奇奇颗颗 01~12

The Adventures Of QiQi & Keke - 奇奇颗颗 01~12


The adventure of QiQi & KeKe is a 12 book series about the journey and daily life of a young dinosaur siblings. One day while in the forest, Keke found a dinosaur egg. Out came a Tyrannosaurus rex baby and Keke was instantly captivated by the adorable little creature in her arms. She decided to take him into the family and named him QiQi. However, as Qiqi is a carnivorous species, other dinosaurs around him unwelcome his presence in the community and started bullying him. Keke stood up for Qiqi and stood by him in all situation. She taught him to love himself, to learn forgiveness and be a better man. 

Each book unfolds a new adventure along with moral education. As the siblings travel, they met new friends along the way and occasionally find themselves in sticky situations, but with wits and courage, they quickly learned to over come all the challenges.

The adventure of QiQi & KeKe is a great illustration series in Chinese with Han Yu Pin Yin for easy reading. To enhance reading experience, try it with Pen Pal Whizz! the story will be read out in animated vocal including sound effect when tapped onto different pages of the book.

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