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BLEAGH! A book about values

BLEAGH! A book about values


It’s BLEAGH’s first day at school. Like the other students in his class, BLEAGH is cheeky and fun but there’s one big difference between them... he’s a MONSTER! How will the other children react towards him? Will BLEAGH be able to learn important values and make new friends?

In today's era of globalization, we are increasingly encountering people from diverse cultural, religious, racial and familial backgrounds. BLEAGH! A book about values is a wonderful educational tool to introduce children to values that will guide them well as global citizens.

About the author:
Leana Lyn Doray is a trained educator, having obtained a double degree in Arts and Education at the University of Sydney. Serendipity led her to teach in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in Singapore for four years, where she discovered her love for reading to young children and providing a holistic education above and beyond basic academia. BLEAGH! A book about values is Leana’s first book, borne from almost a decade of educating (and being educated by) curious young minds.

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