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Ariff Discovers Series (Siri Ariff Ingin Tahu)

Ariff Discovers Series (Siri Ariff Ingin Tahu)


Ariff is a cheerful and active 6-year old boy. Like any child, he gets into trouble sometimes. Luckily, he has Mummy, Daddy and his little sister Qiyah to help him along. In this series, Ariff discovers new things about life, his environment and himself.

The Ariff Discovers series is suitable for children aged 5 - 9 years. Each book has activities for parents and children to enrich the reading experience. There is a song at the end of each story to reinforce the values that are introduced.

Something has scared Mummy and Qiyah! What is it? Ariff quickly comes to their rescue. Ariff is brave because he has promised Daddy to look after his mummy and little sister at home.

Ariff does not want to visit his grandparents. He wants to watch his favourite cartoon show at home. Daddy and Mummy bring out the family album so Ariff and Qiyah will get to know their grandparents better.

A male penguin hatches the egg and takes care of its baby? Qiyah and Ariff find this funny and strange. Mummy helps Qiyah and Ariff understand how parents care for their young. She also shows them how Mummy and Daddy look after Ariff and Qiyah.

Ariff is upset. Qiyah likes to disturb him when he is playing. He wants to be left alone. He shows his anger, but then poor Qiyah ends up hurt. How can Ariff make things better?

Ariff finally has a pet fish and calls it Siti. However,  he begins to lose interest in Siti. He wants to play football with his friend instead. He thinks of a way to find more time for play, and less time to take care of his pet. What is going to happen to Siti now?

About the Author:
Jumaini Ariff holds diplomas in Electrical Engineering, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education and Autism. She has worked as a pre-school teacher and support teacher for students with special needs. When she found difficulty finding suitable books with local content for her very young children, she decided to write and draw her own stories inspired by her own children’s antics and questions. Thus the Ariff Series was born. Jumaini now runs storytelling and creative writing sessions for pre-school and primary school children.

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