Letterland Classroom Pack
Product Code: TD48
ISBN 9781862098367
Price: SGD 539.90
Learn to Read and Write - A Parent's Guide
Product Code: TD40
ISBN 9781862098237
Price: SGD 10.90
Phonics Teacher's Guide
Product Code: TE80
ISBN 978186299616
Price: SGD 94.90
ABC (paperback + CD)
Product Code: TB87
ISBN 9781862096097
Price: SGD 18.90
Beyond ABC (paperback + Audio CD)
Product Code: TD29
ISBN 9781862097902
Price: SGD 18.90
Far Beyond ABC (paperback + Audiobook CD)
Product Code: TD25
ISBN 9781862097841
Price: SGD 18.90
Phonics Touch & Spell 
Product Code: TH11
ISBN 978178480907
Price: SGD 16.90
Phonics Touch & Spell Flashcards 
Product Code: TH10
ISBN 9781782480891
Price: SGD 12.90
Story Phonics (Software CD-Rom)
Product Code: TF03
ISBN 9781862099838
Price: SGD 113.90
Alphabet Songs CD
Product Code: T23
ISBN 9781862091979
Price: SGD 13.90
Action Songs CD
Product Code: T40
ISBN 9781862092792
Price: SGD 13.90
Handwriting Songs - Lowercase (CD)
Product Code: T24
ISBN 9781862091962
Price: SGD 13.90
Handwriting Songs - Uppercase (CD)
Product Code: TH67
ISBN 9781782481461
Price: SGD 13.90
Blends & Digraphs Songs (CD)
Product Code: T25
ISBN 9781862091955
Price: SGD 31.90
My Digraph Big Book
Product Code: TH70
ISBN 9781782481492
Price: SGD 43.90
Letterland Stories Level 2
Product Code: TC79
ISBN 9781862097254
Price: SGD 12.90
Letterland Stories Level 3a 
Product Code: TC80A
ISBN 9781862097261
Price: SGD 12.90
Letterland Stories Level 3b
Product Code: TC80B
ISBN 9781862097391
Price: SGD 12.90
My Alphabet Storybooks (pack of 26)
Product Code: TD79
ISBN 9781862098619
Price: SGD 109.90
Phonics Readers Set 2 (Penpal Whizz Compatible)
Product Code: TE11
ISBN 9781862098923
Price: SGD 51.30
Phonics Readers Set 3 (Penpal Whizz Compatible)
Product Code: TE12
ISBN 9781862098930
Price: SGD 54.50
Phonics Readers Set 4 (Penpal Whizz Compatible)
Product Code: TE13
ISBN 97818620998947
Price: SGD 57.70
Big Picture Code Cards - Lowercase
Product Code: BPC
ISBN 9781862092242
Price: SGD 66.90
Big Picture Code Cards - Uppercase 
Product Code: T28
ISBN 9781862091986
Price: SGD 66.90
Vocabulary Cards 
Product Code: VC
ISBN 978186098686
Price: SGD 66.90
Picture Code Cards - Straight 
Product Code: T29
ISBN 9781862091993
Price: SGD 59.90
Picture Code Cards - Advanced 
Product Code: T44
ISBN 9781862092952
Price: SGD 59.90
Word Cards 
Product Code: TE41
ISBN 9781862099227
Price: SGD 12.90
Letter Sound Cards 
Product Code: TH06
ISBN 9781782480853
Price: SGD 17.90
Second Reading Flash Cards  
Product Code: FC02
ISBN 9781862092280
Price: SGD 12.90
Blends & Digraphs Copymaster
Product Code: T45
ISBN 9781862092990
Price: SGD 66.90
Word Bank Copymaster
Product Code: T17
ISBN 9781862092495
Price: SGD 66.90
Phonics Workbooks (1-6)
Product Code: TE75
ISBN 9781862099562
Price: SGD 16.90
Word Books (pack of 10)
Product Code: T19
ISBN 9781862092518
Price: SGD 36.90
Class Train Frieze 
Product Code: TD37
ISBN 9781862098145
Price: SGD 36.90
Action Tricks Poster
Product Code: TD38
ISBN 9781862098183
Price: SGD 18.90
Vowel Scene Posters  
Product Code: T31
ISBN 9781862092922
Price: SGD 36.90
Magnetic Word Builder 
Product Code: RWM
ISBN 9781862097155
Price: SGD 21.90
Merit Stickers (pack of 10)
Product Code: T46
ISBN 9781862093003
Price: SGD 12.90
Alphabet Stickers (pack of 10)
Product Code: T21
ISBN 9781862092532
Price: SGD 17.90
Alphabet Desk Strip (pack of 10)
Product Code: T88
ISBN 9781862093973
Price: SGD 18.90
Flip Flap Phonics 
Product Code: TH12
ISBN 9781782480914
Price: SGD 16.90
Flip Flap Phonics 2
Product Code: TH65
ISBN 9781782481447
Price: SGD 16.90
Flip Flap Story Maker 
Product Code: TH92
ISBN 9781782481713
Price: SGD 16.90
Handwriting Practice 2
Product Code: TD23
ISBN 9781862097766
Price: SGD 8.90
Complete Handwriting Practice
Product Code: TE97
ISBN 9781862099784
Price: SGD 18.90
Cursive Handwriting 
Product Code: TH90
ISBN 9781782481690
Price: SGD 8.90
Sing-along Handwriting Book
Product Code: TH87
ISBN 9781782481669
Price: SGD 18.90
Handwriting Wipe-Clean
Product Code: TH88
ISBN 9781782481676
Price: SGD 12.90
Wipe-Clean First Words Book
Product Code: TE98
ISBN 9781862099791
Price: SGD 12.90
Wipe-Clean Spelling Book
Product Code: TH13
ISBN 9781782480921
Price: SGD 12.90
Phonics Activity Book 3
Product Code: TH16
ISBN 9781782480952
Price: SGD 10.90
Phonics Activity Book 4
Product Code: TH17
ISBN 9781782480969
Price: SGD 10.90
Phonics Activity Book 5
Product Code: TH18
ISBN 9781782480976
Price: SGD 10.90
Phonics Activity Book 6
Product Code: TH19
ISBN 9781782480983
Price: SGD 10.90
ABC Activity Book
Product Code: TD69
ISBN 9781862098510
Price: SGD 10.90
Beyond ABC Activity Book 
Product Code: TD70
ISBN 9781862098527
Price: SGD 10.90
Far Beyond ABC Activity Book
Product Code: TD71
ISBN 9781862098534
Price: SGD 10.90
Make-a-Story Card Game 
Product Code: TD35
ISBN 9781862098107
Price: SGD 12.90
My First Dictionary
Product Code: TE57
ISBN 9781862099388
Price: SGD 14.90
ABC Stories 
Product Code: TE51
ISBN 9781862099326
Price: SGD 14.90
Alphabet Tales 
Product Code: T64
ISBN 9781862093546
Price: SGD 14.90

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