What is a Pen Pal Audio file?

In order for Pen Pal to narrate, sing, and pronounce words, every Pen Pal compatible book is specially encoded to correspond to a specific audio file (.bnl or AOG*). If you have purchased the bundle pack, all the audio files for the books should have been pre-loaded into the Pen Pal Whizz for you. However should there be any audio version updates or problems with file corruption, you can also download them from this site.

Every month, we will also bring in new books to expand our JLB Library collection. If you have purchased any new books, you can download the correspondingly-titled audio file and follow the installation instructions below to start reading with your Pen Pal!

Pen Pal audio files are compatible only with the JLB Pen Pal and will not work on other reading pens. To find out if a book is Pen Pal compatible, look out for the Pen Pal logo (shown below) on the top right hand corner of the book cover.

As some of our books require multiple large .bnl files, we have compressed these files into a .zip or .rar folder for easy download. Please click here to download and install the 7-zip software (for Windows) should you need it to unzip the files.


Serial Number*

Select File Format

Starting with 1-5 BNL
Starting with 6 AOG

*Serial Number is found behind your Pen Pal Whizz.