Chinese Readers for Preschoolers

If you are looking for Chinese readers for your centre, look no further! JLB is the appointed distributor of CI-NTU Chinese Curriculum, as well as for Marshall Cavendish Chinese readers that have been specially designed to be used in local preschool curriculum/contexts.

Each of these programmes include a wide range of readers and big books that can be used in the classroom to enhance children’s love for the Chinese language. The readers are vibrant and written with engaging content to increase children’s knowledge of the world around them. The readers cover a wide range of topics and themes, such as my family, my friends, my school, food & nutrition, healthy lifestyles and my country etc.

1) NTU-Confucius Institute 
CI-NTU has developed a full set of Chinese Curriculum for preschoolers in local context, which includes lesson plans, readers, big books, and an additional option of workbooks.  There are also a total of 68 Chinese readers for your school to choose from which covers from N1 to K2 levels. Themes include Family, Community, Food, Nature, My Country etc.  

2) Marshall Cavendish (MC)

As a well-known publisher in Singapore, MC has various book series to fulfil the different needs for the preschools in Singapore.

  • Caterpillar Series – Focusing on stimulating children’s interest in reading and promoting language development
  • My EQ Readers – Focusing on helping children to learn about emotional intelligence
  • Pai Pai Zuo 2nd Edition Small Readers – Graded readers focusing on strengthening children’s language structure and recognition of key words
  • Readers for Little Ones – Develops children’s language patterns and creates a conducive language environment
  • Small Readers – Ignite children’s interest with beautifully illustrated educational stories set in relatable contexts

If you would like to arrange for a viewing to select a programme for your school, please contact us at 6776 6786 or!