Regarding PEN PAL WHIZZ:

Q: Why does the battery on my Pen Pal Whizz only last for an hour / Why can't my Pen Pal Whizz be turned on even after charging it for a few hours for the first time?
A: Try inserting a pin into the reset port of the Pen Pal Whizz before charging it again for 30 minutes. If you still encounter problems, do call us at +65 6776 6787 for assistance.

Q: Where can I send my Pen Pal Whizz for repairs?
A: Simply send it to the JLB HQ. Alternatively, you may call us at +65 6776 6787 and we will assist you with any technical problems.

Q: Why am I unable to download and/or open the audio files for my Pen Pal Whizz?
A: Our large audio files have been compressed to reduce download time. Please install WinRAR or 7-zip in order to unzip the files. You should then be able to download and transfer them to your Pen Pal Whizz.



Q: Where are the books from?
A: Many of the books compatible with Pen Pal Whizz are award-winning titles from different countries. We aim to bring in the best books for young children. Have a look at our book collection here.

Q: How can I be notified when new Pen Pal Whizz compatible books are published or launched?
A: Simply “Like” us on Facebook to get the latest information and updates!

Q: How can I purchase your new books?
A: Simply visit "Product" tab and then click on the "Shop" tab on our website! You can shop online by adding products to your cart.


Q: I have used an audio sticker to save a voice recording. Why can’t a different Pen Pal Whizz read the audio from the same sticker?
A: Each audio sticker has its own recording track number. Recorded audio files are saved in the particular pen they were recorded on. We would recommend getting one set of audio stickers for each Pen Pal Whizz.