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JLB Educational Technology Pte Ltd

Through rigorous research and development, coupled with the latest teaching philosophy, JLB introduces cutting-edge technology to the education industry. We have developed the Pen Pal Whizz reading system, an interactive learning and teaching tool for young children and their parents or teachers to enhance group and individual learning.

We work closely with preschools to develop curriculum that are relevant and fitting for the young children of today, as well as co-producing enhanced classroom materials that complements the integration of interactive educational tools like Pen Pal Whizz.

To ensure that teachers are best equipped to make full use of new technologies in the classroom, we provide specialised integration and contextualisation programmes to advise teachers on how Pen Pal Whizz can be utilised in a preschool setting. Through the years, we have also developed practical and effective teaching strategies that incorporate both proven techniques and cutting-edge educational approaches. Our teaching strategies implementation training programmes aim to impart the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and conduct engaging and compelling lessons for young children in the modern classroom.

Since 2011, JLB has been growing in the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, China, and Indonesia. We have had multiple international collaborations in product research and development with many globally renowned universities and institutions. We strive to develop the most effective and efficient approaches to teaching and learning, proving that learning can be fun and interactive.


JLB Publishing Pte Ltd

An independent publisher based in Singapore, we are the publishing arm of JLB Educational Technology. Our main focus is in the publication and distribution of children's books, customising print books with enhanced additional content to make them compatible with our Pen Pal Whizz reading system. We are always looking to provide a continually updated, wide range of high-quality and award-winning book titles for our Pen Pal users.


Pen Pal Series
The Pen Pal series of products has been carefully designed to meet the unique needs of young children users:

  1. Ergonomic contours provide comfort and ease of use
  2. Made of safe and environmentally friendly materials that are tasteless and non-toxic
  3. Seismic drop resistance
  4. Enamel body surface