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Rhyming Round Singapore

Rhyming Round Singapore


Rhyming Round Singapore is a highly original alphabet book specially written for young Singaporean children by early childhood educators Kathleen Chia and Linda Gan. It introduces the English alphabet in rhymes and songs that describe places, landmarks and other familiar aspects of life in Singapore. A unique feature of the book is that half of the rhymes and songs can be sung to the tunes of well-known English folk songs and nursery rhymes, like Bumboat (Three Blind Mice), Food (I Hear Thunder) National Day (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star),  Raffles  (Have You Seen The Muffin Man?) and Trishaw (London Bridge Is Falling Down).

Rhyming Round Singapore will not only enable young readers to learn their ABCs in a fun and novel way but also help them to recognise, pronounce and spell the simple words introduced in the rhymes and songs.

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