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Little Red Riding Hood - 小红帽

Little Red Riding Hood - 小红帽


Little Red Riding Hood lives at the edge of a wood. One day, Mum sends her to Grandma’s with a cake, as Grandma isn’t feeling well. Mum tells Little Red Riding Hood  to be very careful in the wood-she mustn’t leave the path or talk to strangers. Little Red Riding Hood puts on her red cloak, puts the cake in her basket, and promises to go straight to Grandma’s.  

In the wood, Little Red Riding Hood meets a wolf. The wolf stops her and asks her where she’s going. She tells the wolf she’s going to Grandma’s. Following the wolf’s suggestion, Little Red Riding Hood wanders  off the path to pick some flowers for Grandma and the wolf runs straight to Grandma’s cottage.

When the wolf arrives at the cottage he pretends he’s Little Red Riding Hood and hid Grandma. He quickly puts on her nightdress and nightcap and jumps into bed to wait for an even tastier meal-Little Red Riding Hood.  

Little Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandma’s and notices what a big nose, big eyes, ears and teeth Grandma has got. She shouts for help and a woodcutter saves her from the wolf. Grandma jumps out and that’s the last they hear of the big, bad wolf!